Sunday, 24 April 2011

Bonesplinter - Church of Oblivion Demo 2003

I recorded this demo when living in South Wales.  I was really isolated from my punk family and did this first demo which has 28 tracks in total (only selected tracks posted here).  It kept me sane.  Harold helped me with the design for the demo's cover and I released about 50 copies in various dayglow covers.  I had some really kind feedback from fanzines and ezines who all seemed to see what influences I was wearing on my sleeve.  I could write more but I have to take my sons home on the train in a bit and my mind is elsewhere as one of my pals got put in a coma by two cunts a couple of days ago.  All the tracks posted today are dedicated to Crusty Stu & Dawn.  I love ya both.  BenĂ©

  Selected tracks From Bonesplinter- Church Of Oblivion Demo 2003 by BeneVonBastard