Sunday, 30 January 2011

Noise Blood Music

This blog is being created for me to post music that I have recorded or that I really like and also as a tool to communicate with like minded people.  I have been in bands since I was 16/17.  The 1st band I was in was called ******* and the last one was *********.  I have been involved in recording projects since the early 90's my first one was with Mark (Ex this band currently...he wouldn't want me to list them and I can't be bothered) who is one of my oldest friends and also my most frequent collaborator on projects.  Most of the stuff that I have recorded, until now, has remained unlistened to but to a very few....there are a few exceptions but even then the figures would amount to say 50 people...the most being around 200 for an EP that we released in 2004 (I think!).

I am not trying to accrue a world wide platinum selling audience with this  I just wanna put all...or most of the stuff that I have done in one spot...I'd like to think that maybe it will inspire somebody to go and do their own diy recording with little or no equipment and make some beautiful noise...just cos they love Punk.

I have a 'Noisetudio' in my basement...fully equiped with...SHIT equipment and I am always doing this or that down there...if you live near Notingham or are passing by and want to create a recording with me then let me know....I can play bass, drums and guitar so I can fit in with whatever you long as it's punk...emo shit does not stain my noise temple EVER.

I see it like this....I don't need the adulation, the congratulations, the ego boost that being in a band gives you...I love rehearsing and playing live but I hate the attention that you get after you have played and no matter how shit you have been you get it....not cos I'm a rock god but cos...I don't do too good with praise...fair and objective criticism in short bursts is good but praise....nah...and this may sound strange to those of you who know me because I can seem like this larger than life character but I own a shy side's not all bullish bravado.  I do need to make, play and listen to Punk is my SOOOO not sad life.  Recording lets me vent part of that I can't play the same fuckin songs week in week out and not may bands are up for doing new songs ALL the time...I have been lucky in this respect of my bands never played a gig without a song that had only been written in the week of the gig for about a know it's probably gonna fuck loose...uuggghhhnnn RAW...who cares if you fuck one notices anyway.

If you have self made recordings that you would like to post here let me know and I will space permitting put em on or put a link to 'em up.

First up, the 4th Demo by Bonesplinter, a solo recording project I have done since 2003...amassing about 60 recorded tracks...some good...some...shit=good as well...nah...shit...who cares anyway

PS...the quality of my recording is shit, will always be shit and is happy bein don't like yer own!!!!



  Bonesplinter Demo 4 2006 by BeneVonBastard